Hello Filmmakers!

The 9th Tribeca Film Festival started this week and although the past few years it involves much controversy – the festival being “too commercial” and not exactly in Tribeca – this is still the only festival that draws so many filmmakers from so many countries and provide tones of content; from panel discussions and lectures to films (of course!) and networking events I have to admit that I made many amazing professional connections and friends all over the world.

However, I couldn’t help but notice – like everyone else that attend the festival yearly – that the economy has affected BIG time. One example is the industry lounge, that is too small and yesterday during cocktails got  crowded pretty fast . I miss the Target lounge from past years…

So far, I was so busy promoting the film I Co-Produced, LESSONS FOR THE LIVING that I have yet to view any films. But that’s all going to change today! Stay tuned for updates.

See you in the movies!


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