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Almost every new filmmaker would like to have more exposure for themselves and their films. Especially when coming out of film school since not everyone get the chance to talk to producers and agents when they come to view a work. International filmmakers trying to penetrate the US market might go unnoticed during film festivals or at trying to get their film watched. FFP will design and produce an event to suit especially your needs where the gate keepers and the stakeholders of the industry – such as investors, producers, directors, editors, film festival programmers-  will come to watch your film, provide constructive feedback and you will be able to make real contacts for future project or sale your current film.



For independent filmmakers with low budgets a premiere event or launching the event of the film’s soundtrack seems out of reach. At FFP we know that no matter how good your film is, if you don’t start with a BANG!, you will not get noticed. You might already know this, but we know what to do about it. Getting noticed means creating an adequate platform –  and making your production the lead –  not just for now, but for all future productions. . We pride ourselves for working with low budgets to create truly professional events, and we’re proud of that fact.