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Save cleaners supplies and equipment.

About us: Basic Maintenance Supply Inc is a complete line distributor of carpet cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning machines, floor buffer and provides for the professional carpet cleaner, janitorial company, car detailer, house cleaning professional, business owner, food service owner, hospitality supervisor and house owner. We pride ourselves about asking the proper questions to guarantee you get the appropriate unit to fulfill your requirements. We’ve sold carpet cleaning gear and floor maintenance equipment and supplies across the world. Cleaning carpeting is a superb small business opportunity. We carry a complete line of carpet machines, supplies and floor buffing and maintenance gear. We’re physically located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and have been industry since 1987. Our rates are so great that we’ve had clients drive around 12 hours to buy a bit machine . But cost isn’t all. We make certain you obtain a bit of gear that will be appropriate for you and we attempt to offer you as much info that will assist you. Let’s help you maintain your floors clean. MORE.

New Mercury! Best of the finest in chemical-free, orbital dry wash machines also removes 95 percent of compound stripping procedures. Telephone 800-784-8870.

I mportant: Never allow your carpet extractor freeze. Even in the event that you drain the machine their nevertheless is water from the pump, valve and hoses. It only requires a couple of hours to your machines or equipment to ice up. This goes to your wands and hoses too. Always take your mat holder off your floor buffer floor buffers when keeping it.

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Purchase by phoning us. We would like to be certain that you are receiving the machine which you have to do the occupation have. By speaking to you we shall affirm you’re ordering the equipment you require. If we believe you will need a different machine we’ll suggest it. Even if it’s a less costly machine. We’ve not experienced a recurrence of a system in more than 5 years due to this policy. Unlike shopping cart websites which you click and purchase we pride ourselves on assisting you to determine the ideal machine.

Also notice the most of the gear we sell are manufactured in the USA. Their is a gap in quality ordinarily.

Legal. – Our website provides you the very best carpet cleaning equipment on the internet. Our supplies are fantastic for janitorial company, car detailers, company owners, house cleaning professionals, professional carpet cleaners, food service providers, hospitality managers and home owners. A number of our equipment are moist and dry vacuums, floor buffers and floor machines. Floor buffers.

Should you would like ‘t find it call us. If we neglect ‘t have it we likely can do it. CHEAPER !

Stop by our 8,000 sq feet showroom. .

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