Fantasia Films Productions

Fantasia Films Productions LLC  is a New York based entertainment consulting company in film and theater with a particular focus on independent films and foreign productions.  We serve as a medium for the exchange, presentation, and public interaction for the arts.  In addition, we work closely with U.S. and international film festivals for promotion and inclusion of important feature productions.  Fantasia Films also assists up-and-coming artists and filmmakers in fundraising campaigns to finance productions.  Our multi-disciplinary approach puts Fantasia Films in a unique position where we are able to facilitate cultural connections among the disparate elements of community’s social fabrics.  In addition, we are based on a model of spatial organization and distribution that acknowledges the benefits of an increasingly globalized economy and the functional differences of art markets around the world.

We pride ourselves in being an “umbrella” company that provides wide range of production services and we look forward to hear what YOU need and working with you on your next project